Tentang Kami

PT Nathania Mahelti Sejahtera

PT Nathania Mahelti Sejahtera juga dikenal sebagai PT NMS adalah perusahaan jasa profesional dengan spesialisasi kebutuhan mesin dan fabrikasi. Berdiri pada tahun 2015 dan berlokasi di Karawang, Jawa Barat.

Tujuan kami adalah untuk memberikan layanan kepada klien kami terutama pabrik dengan ruang lingkup pekerjaan seperti permesinan, fabrikasi, layanan umum, area konstruksi, dll.

Dengan tim profesional dan keahlian tim kami serta alat peralatan kami, kami percaya kami dapat mengirimkan proyek Anda dengan layanan terbaik.

tentang Nathania Mahelti Sejahtera

Our Vision

1.Being a national standard reference company in the field of manufacturing and machine repair

2.Having a high-tech and employees that capable of leading the market and developt the regional potential

3.Has the quality, culture and work ethic of the best

Our Mission

1.Known as a company that seek the most complete manufacturing and machine repair as well as the high quality of fabrication

2.Grown and developt with the creative innovation

3.Trying to exceed the best customer satisfaction

Corporate Policy



The management of PT Nathania Mahelti Sejahtera have commitment to achieve the best performance for the health, safety and environment (HSE) and continuous improvement.


PT Nathania Mahelti Sejahtera aims to create a workplace that is safe from major injuries for every employees and contractrors.


PT Nathania Mahelti Sejahtera aims to manage the environmental implicatons in effective way with a good standard of waste management in accordance with laws and regulations.


Each management representative has the responsibility to implement this policy in the area of its responsibilites through the annual performance review.

Structure Organization


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